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COMPLETE Silver Expedition Programme – Practice 07th – 09th April & Assessed 12th – 14th June 2020


DofE Open Silver Assessed Expedition

This package is for participants wanting to book a complete expedition programme which includes both practice and Assessed expeditions. Young people will be allocated expedition groups on arrival and a route planning exercise completed for the following expeditions. Expeditions are all supported by our DofE qualified instructors (mountain leaders) who will support and supervise the expeditions throughout to ensure you can complete the relevant practice criteria and progress to the qualifying expedition for your expedition section of your Award. Some parts of the expeditions will be unsupported and supervised via checkpoints and remote supervision.

Note: All participants need to provide their own personal kit and food for the entire expedition. Group kit such as tents, stoves, fuel, maps and compasses are provided. Participants also need to arrange their own transport to and from the expedition area. A full itinerary will be provided upon request.

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